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The Problem Box

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What Went Wrong (2)

How (and when) did this happen?? When you started your business, you had it all figured out.  Your vision was to create an awesome program that people would love, take on clients whom you felt would benefit from your product, and make tons of money… all while doing something you are passionate about.  But as you grew, somewhere along the way, you lost control.  

  • The product is working, you’ve got a steady influx of people signing up and anxious to learn what you have to teach – but launches are hurried, emails are not being sent out, and the lack of structure in your business is beginning to become apparent to your clients.  
  • The team is there – but you no longer have time to give them direction.  Things are starting to fall apart; either stuff is not getting done well, or not getting done at all.
  • And let’s talk about new products; you have ideas, templates and drafts for future products that you are excited about – but these new product ideas have been on the back burner for a looong time even though they would allow your business to be even more profitable and maybe even {dare I say it} push you close to or even over the million dollar mark – but how can you fit their planning and creation into your schedule?  You never have time, you are running in a million different directions and you’re too busy putting our fires. 

The Solution (2)

You need to have someone who can take the reins from you and free up your time so you can put your creative juices to work.  Having the time to work with current clients, market to new ones and create new products, all while knowing the business is ticking along smoothly would make a world of a difference. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

While all of that might seem impossible, it’s not.  To find out how you could make the seemingly impossible possible go ahead and schedule a 30-minute Discovery Session with me.  During this session we’ll talk about what’s not working and lay out a plan to get your business back on track.  

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