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Nice to Meet ou (3)

Hi, my name is Erin Wentworth and I am the owner of A Virtual Necessity. You may be interested to know how I came to own my own business and work online. Like most people, I worked in a traditional office setting for 16 years. I found that I was always looking for that next step up the proverbial corporate ladder, and once I mastered that step I was onto the 

Eventually, I realized what I was striving for was to not be held back, where I do my part and only my part. I wanted to be more than just the person who reports to a job each day and is told what to do. Visions of being my own boss, setting my own goals, and choosing my own clients began to fill my mind.

Erin Outside Photo - 09.11.13 - 284 x 218When my daughter was born, my family and I needed to make some changes in our lives.  I was lucky enough to have an employer who agreed to my working from home.  Seeing how well that worked out for the both of us, I began to think, “If this is working so well, why can’t I do this for other companies too?” After doing some research I found that I could accomplish that by becoming a Virtual Assistant. So, I enrolled in an extensive Virtual Training Program at AssistU. The VTP is a rigorous program which taught me not only how to become a successful online assistant and business owner, but also that if I have the desire and the passion for something, the sky is the limit. My time in the VTP was invaluable.

After working with clients in a Virtual Assistant capacity for 4 years, I began to see that the type of client I really enjoyed working with were those who have an established and profitable business. Businesses that function at a fast pace, have a lot of moving parts, who have a proven business model and whose products people are eager to purchase and participate in.   When I realized this, I made the decision to take my business up a level by enrolling in the training and mentorship program with Tina Forsyth and Tiffany Johnson.  Their Online Business Manager Training Program has been just what I needed to take my business up a notch and I now provide high-level support to six-figure businesses.

I have always operated my own business from a place of  long lasting, collaborative relationships with my clients. I help them reach their goals on both a personal and professional level.  I love what I do, and am grateful to have awesome clients who appreciate me as much as I appreciate them!

Professional (2)

  • I am a Certified Online Business Manager
  • I am an AssistU Trained Virtual Assistant
  • I have 16 years of experience as an administrative / executive assistant in a corporate environment
  • I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting; with a minor in Math from Plymouth State University
  • I have a vast knowledge of many online software programs, and enjoy learning new ones
  • I work with Coaches who provide high-end coaching support to their clients.  

Personal (2)

  • My husband and kids come before anything elseColorado
  • I am honest, and true to myself
  • I love nature, going for walks, being outdoors and gardening
  • I like to read
  • My favorite meal is Fettuccini Alfredo from Olive Garden, with the salad and bread-sticks
  • Sometimes I am goofy
  • I believe I am destined for great things
  • I like scrapbooking, rug braiding, cross stitch and quilting
  • I enjoy learning new things
  • I love what I do, and I adore my clients
  • I LOVE technology
  • When I decide to do something – I jump in both feet forward, and don’t look back
  • My favorite junk food is potato chips, any kind
  • My favorite television shows – NCIS, Lie to Me, Mentalist and Big Bang Theory, Ghost Whisperer
  • My favorite magazine – Mother Earth News
  • My favorite colors – maroon, rust and olive green, purple
  • I have chickens 🙂  This one always gets a smile!
  • I have been watching Days of Our Lives for as long as I can remember

Traits of My Ideal Client

You have learned a bit about me and how I work.  Now it’s your turn.  You should consider where your business is now and ask yourself the question “What is it I am hoping to accomplish by hiring an OBM?“.  One way to do that is to look at the following list of characteristics of my ideal client and see if it describes you. You are:

  • Honest with yourself and with others
  • Intelligent
  • Love to laugh, and enjoy life (embrace your inner goofball) 
  • Firmly understand the direction you are headed in life and in business (even if you are not sure how you will get there)
  • Value your relationship with family and friends
  • Let me in easily (if there is a fit, you will know it the first time we talk)
  • Values me as a key member of your team
  • Understands the value I bring to your business (payment is never an issue)
  • Trusts that I will treat your business as I would my own; and knows I perform every task to the best of my ability
  • Feel comfortable referring me to others based on the ease of our relationship and the quality of work I provide
  • Already have developed products that are in place
  • Have some level of support (marketing, financial advisor, virtual assistant, etc.)
  • Would like to work with someone who has as much commitment to your businesses success as you do

If this describes you, Schedule a Discovery Session with me
to see how I can help get the management of your business back on track.  

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