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Are you inspired to take the next step in your journey and hire an OBM?  There are many things that an Online Business Manager can take off of your plate so you can concentrate on what’s most important for the business – Generating Revenue!  Below is a list of some of the tasks I could take over, or put in place if it’s not already being done.  

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A Foundation… 

Like a tall building, your business needs a strong foundation.  One will provide support as it expands to newfound levels. I will work to put systems in place so that your business can continue to reach new heights. These structural pieces include:

    • Create a procedures guide for all key tasks done on a recurring basis, listing tools used and people responsible 
    • Creating a job description for each person in your company (including me)
    • Setting up and maintaining an online project management tool so that every member of your company knows what responsibilities are theirs and when they are due.  
    • Implementation of automated business tools and software to manage various systems

A Plan…

In order to know where you want your business to go, you need to have a plan.  Would you head out on a road trip without first having a map??  Essentially, your business is on a road trip. For things to get done, there needs to be a plan so as to avoid getting off track or becoming lost entirely.  It will help you, me and the team members to have a clear picture of what is expected as things progress and move forward.  I will:  

    • Manage the setup and maintenance of any tools and online software used for business revenue streams (i.e: membership sites, shopping carts, etc.)
    • Ensure customer service is in place so that each client has what they need and is well taken care of
    • Confirm the client intake process works so new clients receive immediate access when they purchase your product
    • Look for opportunities to refresh or relaunch a product or service

A Snapshot…

Metrics give you a snapshot of where your business has been and where it is heading.  It allows you to see what’s working and what’s not.  This information is invaluable.  Over time it will give indications of trends in your business and a history of how far you have come. I will:  

    • Create a system for keeping track of key statistics for the business on a weekly/monthly basis
    • Set up a reporting system/procedure that includes what to track and when
    • Analyse the metrics gathered, discuss patterns and trends with you, the business owner. 

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Your Business…

Ultimately, one of the reason(s) you started your business was because you had a passion for helping others.  That’s why you created your product(s).  To get your product out there in front of potential clients whom you may not have reached on your own, it’s often beneficial to have affiliates or to enter into joint ventures.  I will: 

    • Work with you (business owner) to determine a plan of action for your affiliate program
    • Set up affiliate program in the Shopping Cart 
    • Creating a resource page for affiliates
    • Coordinate promotional materials 
    • Stay in touch with affiliates to keep them abreast of upcoming events and promotions
    • Implementation and management of any JV partner projects
    • Create a project plan for any JV projects
    • Communicate and coordinate with members of the JV (key players)
    • Follow up with JV partners (and you) as needed to ensure the project meets expectations

Your Revenue…

Generating revenue is the other reason you started your business.  We all have bills to pay, and we all need an income.  Keeping an eye on revenue coming in and expenses going out in relation to programs and projects will help ensure your business is heading in the right direction. I will: 

    • Manage the progress and completion of coaching programs, membership programs, live events, virtual events and retreats
    • Review revenue streams on a regular basis to look for outdated information or opportunities to relaunch
    • Ensure customer service is in place to support each revenue stream 

Your Life…

Beyond the revenue and providing a valuable service, working for yourself is about having the freedom to enjoy a life outside of the office.   The goal with all of this is for me to take over a portion of the business that is bogging you down, so that you can have the time to spend with your clients, dream up new products, and yes… have a life.  I want you to have the space in your day to play tag with the kids, have coffee with a friend or just go for a walk.  To help with that, I will:

    • Periodically review where you (business owner) are spending your time
    • Proactively take things off of your plate that you don’t need to be doing
    • Create an email management system for the business owner (you!)
    • Create a scheduling system for the business owner

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Your Team…

Your team is a very important piece of the business puzzle.  Without them you could not service your clients in the professional, caring and special manner that is the foundation of your business.  However, finding the time to make sure every team members knows what’s expected of them, recognizes deadlines,  feels appreciated and understands how their role affects the business as a whole can be daunting.  This is an area where I can help.  I will:

    • Work with each person and keep them informed of their responsibilities and associated deadlines 
    • Keep team members motivated
    • Handle challenges that may arise
    • Keep an eye on the budget and expenses

Your Product…

Your product is the baseline of your business.  The business (and your clients) depend on it to function as it should.  Clients need to have access to its features at the appropriate time, have support when they need it and know their questions will be answered in a timely manner.  My organizational skills will come in handy as I schedule and work with the team to build a framework around your product.  I will:

    • Set up and maintain an Online Project Management tool
    • Create project plan(s), including timeline, process, people responsible
    • Communication of project status and ongoing detail(s) to all players
    • Ensure that tasks are completed in the scheduled timeline
    • Oversee the budget for the project
    • Handle challenges as they may arise 

Your Website…

Your website a mirror image of who you are, who your business serves and what you offer. It needs to be professional, up to date and accurate at all times.  Below are some of the things I will do to ensure your website is giving the right impression:

    • Systematic review of all content to ensure it is correct and current
    • Oversee (or perform) all updates of website content to ensure it is accurate
    • Verify that all links and buttons are working properly
    • Obtain testimonials from people who have gone through your program and are raving fans

While this does not cover everything that we could work on together, it should give you a pretty good feeling of what it’s like to work with me.  

Are you excited?!!  {I am!}  

Are you ready to start handing things over to someone who’s got your back?!

Are you ready to connect with me to see if we are a good fit?!  

 Great, now all you need to do now is click on the button below, and we can set up a time for us to talk. 

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Please note: I partner only with coaches who are ready for an OBM in their business and are who are willing to make the investment in their business   To make the biggest impact for you, I immerse myself into your business and treat it as I would my own; therefore I only work with only 2-3 OBM clients at a time.