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Inspirational Words(aka Testimonials)

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“When Erin agreed to work with me, I’d already gone through enough “administrative assistants,” “executive assistants,” and “virtual assistants” to understand that I needed more. I was a thought leader in my industry and had more business than I could handle on my own. It hadn’t been helpful when others jumped into my chaos and functioned chaotically beside me. I needed a business manager and operations strategist and that’s exactly what I got with Erin. She is an operations genius who quickly learned my business (something so many others couldn’t quickly grasp) and then got busy making sure the operations were up to par with the level of thought leadership I offered my clients.

  • Clients got their projects on time.
  • We knew the status of prospects and clients at a glance so we could proactively give them what they needed.
  • We had the capacity to handle more business.
  • I learned that many things I thought I had to do could be done by someone else so that my business could work for me, not the other way around.

Erin is a true business manager who will not only operate at a deeper level than a typical assistant, she will set up systems that make it easy peasy for other team members and clients to plug in to your business. All of this would have been more than enough. To top it off, though, I get to work with Erin who is simply a stellar, fun human being. I’m proud to know her.”

Kimberly (Kim Mohiuddin) Robb Baker, NCRW, CJSS, CMRW ~ Owner of Movin’ On Up Resumes & This Little Brand

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It’s been a lifesaver having Erin build and maintain my webpage and newsletter. Erin’s services have definitely been one of the best time-saving tools I have ever paid for; she’s worth every penny. She is professional, friendly and her positive personality has made it incredibly easy for me to think of her as a friend and as a great asset to my business team!

I highly recommend her business, A Virtual Necessity for all of your online systems, processes, project and team management needs!

Diane Quartly ~ Diane Quartly.com

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“Erin has worked with me to redesign a very outdated e-mail newsletter as well as promotional flyers. She has freely given great ideas to make the publication more user friendly and more informative.

She works as a partner with me to brainstorm ideas and helps me see things through different eyes. She is willing to teach and re-treach when I have a question or concern not only verbally but through very detailed written instruction. The weekly telephone meetings are a great source of information and help to keep projects prioritized.

I would highly recommend her services as a professional virtual assistant as she knows her work, and is conscientious about working to get you the results you are looking for.”

Nancy Boucher ~ Sales Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics

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“After 10 years of being in my own business of career transition I think I would first of all call Erin a ‘Life Saver’! That sounds a bit dramatic, but after 10 years and even having had other VA’s, Erin is finally really getting my business to the next level! If I find something she doesn’t know (which is rare) she figures it out immediately.  She is a pro in the technical ‘stuff’ I hate and I always know I can rely on her.  She is very professional, and thorough.  Most of all she allows me to work in my business while she works on my business. Last but far from least she is a pleasure to work with and makes me feel like I have a real team. That makes me sleep a lot better! Thanks Erin!”

Rebecca Kieler ~ Kieler Career Consulting

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“Erin deftly organized and managed several areas where I was either stuck in administrative work or just procrastinating indefinitely, and my work time was suddenly more productive and more enjoyable – I got to do the things I am good at, and the rest was streamlined for me so it doesn’t get in the way anymore!”

Rench ~ Rench Audio / Gangstagrass

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“I run one of the longest-lived online communities, and Erin was our Historian and Community Guide. Responsible for keeping track of milestones in our company history, interacting with members who need help in our community space, and helping us celebrate their birthdays, Erin has been flawless in every way. She’s friendly, responsive, and responsible; I know I can count on her to do what needs to be done without my having to hover or ever wonder if she’s taking care of what she’s promised to take care of! She’s was a huge asset to my team, and I’m so grateful to have had her in these roles!

Anastacia Brice – AssistU

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“I have worked with Erin on numerous occasions. I find her to be extremely efficient, personable, and proactive. Erin is truly a partner who goes above and beyond every time she works on a project for me. I am grateful for her abundance of skills and never-ending gracious support!”    

Elizabeth Kenney Virtual E Business Solutions

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“Erin enrolled and completed Seven Winds Academy’s 1ShoppingCart, WordPress, Aweber and Groove classes.  Erin was a wonderful student with a real passion for learning. She asked great questions and was always enthusiastic and eager to participate and learn the intricacies of the software programs.   We feel that she will make a wonderful Virtual Assistant!”

Larissa Parks and Cathy Lamothe-TaylorSeven Winds Academy

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