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The Eagle and The Goat

Someone who is quickly becoming a dear friend recently told me a story about the Eagle and the Goat.   Of course, I cannot tell it as well as she did, but I will share as much with you as I can.

“Imagine there is an Eagle flying high in the sky.  He looks down over the countryside… and because he can fly higher than any other animal, he has a wide view of the landscape below.  He can see all the other little animals on the ground.  He can see the rabbits, the wolves, and the goats.  As he is flying, he notices that a little rabbit is wandering ever so slowly away and could get into trouble.  The eagle swoops down and tells the mother rabbit what is happening before it gets out of hand.  Once again in the sky, the eagle notices the goats.  They are happily doing their job and eating all the grass and weeds.  Now all of the animals need the goat because every day he eats the grass.  If he didn’t do this, the grass would become too tall, and the animals will not be able to see.  Every animal is an important piece of the eco-system; they are all necessary.   The eagle can swoop down and talk with the goat.  He can see how the goat is coming along, and is able help on occasion.  But at the end of the day he needs to go back to the sky.  The eagle is there to keep the goats safe, and to ensure they are heading in the right direction.”

She suggested that in business, every one of us falls into either the “goat” category or the “eagle” category.

The “goats” are the people who perform the technical tasks and are needed in every business; they are experts in their field.  Not everyone has these skills, and often they are come by only through an extensive training period.

The eagles are the partners, the project managers who keep an eye on the big picture.  They help to ensure that business runs smoothly.  The “eagle VA/OBM” assists by working as a liaison between the business owner, and the technicians, to ensure that the long term goals are met. Your company will benefit by having a partner who knows what the long term goals of the company are, and can help make them happen. Coming up with ideas to grow your business, attract new clients, and manage the daily goings on, are all things that I can help you with.  Having an “eagle VA/OBM” on your team will allow you to do what you do best.

Whether you offer a service or a product, your time is best served by working with your clients, providing them with the finest product you can.  You should not spend your time worrying about everything else – that’s why you need someone on your side, who has your best interest at heart.

I am an EAGLE (and a GOAT)!

After I heard this story, I took some time to analyze whether I am an eagle or a goat.  I contemplated what makes me happiest.  I thought about how I currently work with my clients, and how I support them.  I paid attention to the way I naturally step into the role of a partner.  It was through this process that I realized – I am an eagle!

I have also finally resigned to the fact that in addition to being the eagle, I make a really great goat.  Learning new programs, creating procedures, and teaching others how to maximize the value of a program are all things I enjoy doing.  After denying it for quite some time, I am fessing up to the fact that I love the techie stuff.  You know what I am referring to: the complicated Excel spreadsheets, online membership sites and yes, even the shopping cart.

When you are looking for your ideal virtual assistant you should take into consideration these same questions.  Are you hoping to find the person who can do everything you need to delegate?  Although you may find someone who has a handful of the skills you are looking for, no one is an expert in everything.  You would be better served to find the person who shares your interests, and understands your goals; someone who will be honest with you and has your best interests at heart.  Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you want to develop a website for your business:

Together we will discuss what you are looking for.  We’ll talk about a variety of things.  What do you want your website to look like?  What do you want it to portray? What platform do you want to use?  What is your budget?  Are you looking for a template that can be easily manipulated or do you want to have a custom theme? Do you want the flexibility of having me update it, or would you prefer to have an outside web designer in charge of that?  I’ll give you options, and together we’ll come up with the best avenue for getting it done.  That may mean I design it for you, or it may mean I find a reputable web designer, who can bring in all the aspects we talked about.  Either way, rest assured that I’ll do everything I can, to get you a website, you absolutely love.

That’s one example of what it’s like to work with me, your VA/OBM.  You tell me what you need, and I’ll help facilitate the best way to get it for you.

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Are you ready for your business to SOAR!?!